Bespoke Jewellery Design

Commissioning your own piece of jewellery can be extremely satisfying and a great experience. David Auker offers you the chance to design and commission your own jewellery that will no doubt become a treasured part of your family.

If you have an existing design that you like, but maybe you would prefer the piece in a different metal or alternative stones, or even a larger size/quality of diamond please contact us for a quotation. You might have a design of your own that you would like to commission or would like David to design a piece based on your aspirations and budget. Whatever route you’d like to take, David will work with you to achieve the perfect finished product.

Your design can be made in silver, gold or platinum, with a range of finishes from high polish to satin or textured to complement your design.


Jewellery re-modelling is becoming increasingly popular.

If you have pieces of old jewellery that you no longer use due to breakages, lost earrings or outdated items, these can be re-modelled into a piece of jewellery that you would wear. The most common pieces we work with are rings, pendants, bangles and earrings. Perhaps you have inherited a valuable or sentimental item such as a wedding or diamond ring, an antique brooch or necklace and the style is not to your taste. All these items can be remodelled into a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Please contact us to book a consultation and quotation with David.